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    Boorloo/Perth-based electro pop artist Anna O has been captivating audiences with her powerful and passionate brand of alt pop since the release of her debut EP in 2015.

    Her latest release ‘Set It On Fire’ not only showcases Anna O’s emotive lyricism and pulsating beats but also boasts a dreamy production that feels ethereal. Produced by Luke Minness at Panda Candy Studios, this track is nothing short of liberating. Powerful vocals are layered with soaring choruses that burst with energy, creating a sense of euphoria that is hard to resist.

    Drawing from her own life experiences, Anna O has crafted a song that is both heartfelt and powerful, exploring themes of self-discovery and finding one’s way through life’s challenges. Anna O states: “It’s no surprise that lyrically it was still about this season of life that I was in the thick of.. post-natal depression, stay at home mum, no understanding or diagnosis yet for me or my boys. Still unmedicated because I was too scared.”

    Being open and transparent about her challenges in life is the core to her songwriting as she continues, “One morning at some inhumane hour I lay awake staring into the dark after feeding my baby boy back to sleep. I was agitated and frustrated, but then this sense came over me that I was about to write a song, which is how songwriting tends to work for me.”

    Black and white portrait of Anna sitting on a chair, facing the camera, on a large white photo set sheet in a garden setting

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